Susanne Dunlap editing site liveSometimes life pushes you onto a path you didn’t expect. Writing full time and hanging out a shingle as a freelance editor and ghostwriter isn’t what I thought I’d be doing at the moment. I thought that would be about six years off for me. But…

My editor site is ready!

I have created a separate “identity” as editor, as much to keep my own mind straight as anything else. I plan to post writing tips and link to good articles about writing craft. The Susanne Dunlap Edits site is e-commerce and upload-ready to make it easy for clients.

This site will remain where I share my own writing journey rather than drum up business as an editor. If things go well, I might supplement it with some online writing workshops. Editing is a labor-intensive occupation, and therefore costly. While there’s no substitute for someone reading your manuscript with an expert, critical eye, the more craft you learn, the more you’re able to self-edit and tighten up your work.

If you’re interested, contact me here.

As a starting promotion, I’m offering a coupon code that will give you a quick edit of up to the first 10 pages of your manuscript for free. Use code FREE10 when you check out after adding the 10-page review to your cart. That way, we can both see if we’re a good fit. When it comes to editing, one size definitely doesn’t fit all!

So, wish me luck as I set out on this new path as an editor (as well as author and ghostwriter). What I’m looking forward to most is how much I’ll learn through working with other writers and their manuscripts. That’s the big added benefit to doing any kind of teaching or coaching.